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ARX Defence Website DesignARX Defence Website Key services provided:
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The Challenge

The ARX Defence team sought to enhance their online footprint by moving beyond a basic template website. Their goal was to create a more dynamic website that would meet several critical objectives:

  • Elevate Brand Image: To vividly showcase the brand and highlight the superior quality of their products and services.
  • Boost Sales: To serve as an effective sales channel for their offerings, culminating in an enquiry form.
  • Streamline Operations: To integrate contact form submissions and enquiries seamlessly into their CRM system, thereby optimising organisational efficiency and response times.
  • International Reach: Recognising the global interest in their business, they aimed to draw in international customers.

Our Solution

In response to the challenges faced by ARX Defence, a tailored approach was implemented to revamp their online presence. The following strategic solutions were executed:

  • Bespoke Web Design: A distinct, custom website design was developed to uniquely position their brand, ensuring they stand out amongst competitors.
  • Product Teasers: We designed the product pages to act as engaging teasers, providing just enough information to pique visitors’ interest. This approach was aimed at inspiring visitors to click and request a free brochure, offering a more in-depth look at their products.
  • CRM Integration: The website was integrated with the client’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, streamlining the process of capturing form submissions and enquiries. This significantly improved the organisation and efficiency in handling new clients and leads.
  • Multilingual Expansion: To broaden the company’s global reach, the website was translated into multiple languages, enhancing its accessibility and visibility to international markets and search engines.


The team at ARX Defence really hit their stride after revamping their online space. By introducing a standout website design, catchy product pages, direct CRM links, and language options, they’ve seen a real boost in web traffic, sales, and enquiries – including from overseas markets. This move has not only put them on the map in the security and defence world but also proved a game-changer in how they connect with customers globally. It’s a brilliant example of how the right digital strategy can open doors all over the world.

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