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The Challenge

Toplex was constrained by an outdated website. Their original site was not only basic in design but also lacked e-commerce capabilities, preventing online sales and limiting customer engagement. The absence of advanced features like product filtering and detailed information, along with insufficient SEO, hindered their online visibility and growth potential in a competitive market.

Our Solution

To revitalise Toplex’s digital presence, the following strategic steps were implemented:

  • Website Redesign: We overhauled the old website with a fresh, modern design, significantly enhancing user experience and engagement.
  • E-commerce Platform: A new e-commerce system was introduced to facilitate online transactions. This platform included comprehensive product details, efficient filtering options, and diverse delivery choices.
  • SEO Enhancement: Rigorous on-site SEO strategies were employed to boost the website’s organic search rankings and online presence.
  • Fast Web Hosting and Technical Setup: Upgrading the web hosting and technical infrastructure ensured a faster, more reliable, and secure online environment.


The reinvention of Toplex’s website has been a resounding success. Not only has the new site fostered increased traffic and sales, but it has also positioned Toplex competitively in the digital marketplace.

We continue to provide ongoing support and updates to the website, adapting to the evolving needs of the business and the dynamic digital landscape. This commitment to continuous development ensures that Toplex remains at the forefront of digital innovation in the electrical appliances sector.

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